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tv   Republican Ticket Campaigns in Eau Claire Wisconsin  CSPAN  November 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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tuesday, november 8, at about this time polls and a number of states will already be closed or closing at this hour. one week until election day. housead to the white coverage on c-span includes donald trump in eau claire, wisconsin. he got started about an hour earlier than we expected. our plan is to show you that speech coming up shortly. one of our viewers asking why we are not streaming him live. we will stream hillary clinton's live rally in an hour. it is not biased, it is a lot of events coming in for hillary clinton and donald trump over this last week. of ourtream of a lot political coverage online at your are planned this evening was to carry donald trump live at this hour. he got started 50 minutes sooner than we expected. we are editing that video and will show that you in just a bit on c-span. our plan is also to show you
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this evening hillary clinton. she has been spending the day in florida. there is a rally coming up in fort lauderdale that we plan to take you live at 8:45. that could get pushed back a bit. she has been campaigning all over the state. when it does happen, keeping an eye on everything that is campaign 2016. including some of those campaign as on the washington journal. here is the latest. >> when i come home, and dinner is not ready, i go through the roof. grab them by the [beep] you can do anything. forwardaccusers coming to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. >> i will go backstage, and
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everyone is getting dressed. some as young as 15 were changing. >> you see these incredible looking women. would look her in that fast face of- fat, ugly her. >> would you say you respect women? >> i cannot say that either. >> i am hillary clinton, and i approve this message. >> our health care system is failing. with premiums increasing, that >> doctors like us spend more time on paperwork and less time with our patients. >> donald trump is ready to change this. his plan creates a system centered on our approach. >> higher-quality with lower cost. >> doctors like us are choosing donald trump. foundation,inton
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90% of all our money is donated on behalf of programs and people around the world. >> what did the clinton show?tion's irs filing $7.8 million spent on travel. $12.4 million on meetings and conferences. $34 million on salaries and benefits. if this is what she does with her charity, imagine what she will do with her presidency. >> wrote to the white house coverage on c-span this evening will include donald trump in eau claire, wisconsin, an event that got started way earlier than we started -- thought. eau claire did not get into the rally, but the overflow crowd is amazing. donald trump is winning wisconsin. joel says panoramic shots of 5000 at the rally in eau claire,
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wisconsin. our plan is to bring you leverage in a little bit -- coverage and a little bit of the rally that wrapped up just a little bit ago. hillary clinton has been spending the day in florida. the trend shows black early voting lagging in florida. they write that after nearly one week of early voting in florida, the share of african-americans is much smaller than it was in 2012. some critical comments, "they are not doing enough in the black community. i have been screaming for months about this. nothing changed. look what is happening." that is from upi. president obama will be in north carolina tomorrow campaigning in raleigh. we will have live coverage of that on c-span at about 3:30 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. at charlotte this is the headline, "campaigns
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converge on north carolina in final week before election day." joining us on the phone is jim moral. thank you for being with us. >> glad to be with you. >> why is north carolina such a battleground state? a it has really turned from red state into a purple state. part of that is demographic changes, people moving from the northeast and millennials moving to urban areas like charlotte and raleigh. the politics have become more moderate, i guess. you still have the urban and rural divide. there are people who used to vote for jesse hobbs who used to there arets, and now republicans in the rural areas. >> with the president making two visits to the state's way, donald trump back there on
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thursday, what is their message and who are they appealing to? >> i think donald trump is appealing to the people he has appealed to at most of his rallies. he is having a rally in rural samenear charlotte, in the arena he has already had one rally this year. he is going to his stronghold in rural north carolina. former democrats love turned republican. -- who have turned republican. obama is going to wear the young people and young voters are. he is going to fayetteville and charlotte. fayetteville has a college presence and military presence and large african-american presence. we do not know what the venues are yet. charlotte is a big urban area that he carried by 100,000 votes
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water years ago. >> what indication do you have from early turnout? >> turnout is high. 2 million people have already voted. expectedo look at this there to be about 60% of the overall voters voting early. ballot or early voting. with the pattern is showing us so far is that democrats are a little under their 2012 performance and republicans are a little over there 2012 performance. unaffiliated voters are about one third of what they were in 2012. i don't think anyone issue what that means. >> based on the analysis we have been wallowing with regards to the electoral college, the general sentiments seem to be that north carolina is a state hillary clinton would like to win, but for donald trump it is must win. do you agree with that?
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>> that has been the conventional wisdom. if hillary clinton wins, it is 30 electoral votes. and 15would have gotten, he would not get. that could be significant. we are hearing that he has other pass to victory. maybe it is not as important. we like to think it is. he has been here a lot. both candidates and their vice presidential nominees have been all over north carolina. it has been a busy year. >> voters are making a lot of choices, not only for president but you have a hotly connected -- contested governor's race and senate race. >> definitely. nobody expected the senate race to be that competitive at the beginning because democrats, a couple democrats who were more prominent turned down the race. raleigh becameom
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the nominee. she has run a strong race. it is pretty competitive. a lot of holes show it within the margin of arrow -- error. she is within two points of the sen. burr: the republican. theive us a sense of demographics. when the returns are com ing, what will you be looking for? >> i would be looking for turnout figures in the urban areas, wake county and mecklenburg county and charlotte and greensboro. i would look at the rural returns to see what those turnout numbers are. that is donald trump country . those are the areas. and then the suburbs. bluee suburbs look more
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than they normally are, that would be a bad sign for donald trump. we have heard a lot about suburban women. that would be the area to watch. >> we will look for you reporting online at thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> c-span's road to the white house coverage will be in north carolina tomorrow afternoon with president obama on the campaign trail. live coverage at 2:00 p.m. eastern in chapel hill, north carolina tomorrow afternoon. we hope to bring you in about 35 minutes hillary clinton campaigning in fort lauderdale, load up. we'll have that live here on c-span. the rally in eau claire, wisconsin, it wrapped up about 15 minutes ago. here is part of what donald trump had to say. [cheers and applause] this is the biggest
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scandal since watergate. now it has been reported that there are fbi inquiries rubbing virtually all of hillary clinton's inner circle. [chanting "lock her up"] mr. trump: somehow i think that obamacare is not going to be her biggest problem. [cheers and applause] john mann she wants to -- mr. trump: she wants to blame everyone else, but she really has no one else to blame but herself. up an illegal, private e-mail server to shield her
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criminal activity. she knows it. corrupt, payn a playlaces them -- pay for scheme. [boos] one who live so many times did congress and the fbi. 39 times to the fbi. each time she said it, she said, "sorry, i don't recall." i'm not even including that. made 13is the one who balance disappeared. -- phones disappear. some with a hammer. it was hillary who destroyed
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33,000 e-mails after receiving a subpoena from the united states senate. [boos] after. she is also the one, this just came up recently, by the way, if that were rice or me or somebody, it would be the biggest story in the world. she also accepted debate questions given to her and then used them to cheat against bernie sanders. [boos] instead of reporting this terrible -- instead of reporting this terrible breach of ethics to the public or to somebody, she hated. -- hid it. you notice they keep talking about donna brazil.
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she cheated. she should resign from the dnc. she was just fire from the networks. she should resign from the dnc. if you could imagine, if someone gave the questions to me and they found out, you know what it would be for me, double electric chair. it would be on the front page of the new york times, the washington post. carnival, which. can you believe that? student, being a believer of so many different things, to me -- she got the questions. she did not report. they don't talk about that. they talk about donna brazil. they don't talk about hillary. she got the questions in the debate against bernie sanders and she did not report it. we know the answer. get out and about on november 8
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-- vote on november 8. [cheers and applause] the american people will remake this rigged and corrupt system. this is your one chance to change it. i don't think you'll have another chance. you will not have another chance. in four years, you can forget it. if she would be elected, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. the work of government would grind to an unbelievably on glorious -- on glorious -- unglorious halt. concluded in a large scale criminal trial.
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e-mail, johnleased podesta has been caught saying, we have to dump all of those e-mails. can you believe that? from wikileaks. , john podesta, if he works for me, i would fire him so fast. [cheers and applause] john, youpprentice, are fired. [cheers and applause] nasty. nasty guy. "trump"] he was a nasty guy. people --ou work for he said, "hillary has bad
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issues. " bernie sanders said she has bad judgment. she has both. one of the top department of justice officials, the assistant attorney general is a close associate of john podesta. they met for dinner after hillary clinton testified about benghazi, and john podesta described her as the man who kept her out of jail. country ever had a situation like what is going on now? have we ever had it? this is a good time to make an important public service announcement. a lot of things have happened over the last few days. this is a message for any democratic voter who has already
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cast their ballots for hillary clinton and you are having a bad case of buyers are more's -- remorse, and other words you want to change your vote. wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you have made a mistake. a lot of stuff has come out since you voted. if you live here or in michigan or pennsylvania or minnesota, those for places, you can change your vote. donald trump will make america great again. ok? [cheers and applause] she is not going to make america great. she will never make america. the clintons are the sordid past. we are the bright future. i say we. we. we. i am a messenger.
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i am only a messenger. but you have to say i am doing a good job as a messenger. i am a messenger. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to serve honesty and accountability to our government finally. i want the entire washington establishment to hear the words that we are all here. when we win on november 8, we are going to washington, d.c., and we are going to drain the swamp. [cheers and applause] [chanting "drain the swamp"]
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i have said this before, it is very interesting, at first i said, give me a break. i hate it. i said it. people went crazy. i went to a rally with 18,000 people, i said it. they went totally crazy. i said it again. this is only been going on for about a week and a half. now i love it. i love this. [cheers and applause] at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs. [cheers and applause] american 70 million women and children live in poverty or near the brink of poverty. that is so true. can you believe in this country. 43% of african-american
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school-aged children live in poverty. 32% of hispanic school-aged children live in poverty. this is our country. this is unacceptable in america. i will fix it. i will fix it. i will fix it. [cheers and applause] lot asbeen saying a speaking very openly about the inner cities and saying to the african-american community, the hispanic community, i have been saying, what do you have to lose? it is such a disaster. what do you have to lose? thank you. we are going to fix it. we're going to stop the crime. the crime is unbelievable. we are going to bring back your jobs. what do you have to lose? we are going to fix it. as president, i will go into the poorest communities and write a national plan for revitalization. we will have generations of
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success. generations of success. americans lost one third of its manufacturing jobs since bill and hillary's nafta. [boos] one third of your jobs. we have a highway, a one-way highway into mexico. they get the jobs, the plants, the money. we get the unemployment and the drugs. not a good deal. that is going to be changed around, both. changed. [cheers and applause] you listen to this where america has lost -- and we are going to build the wall, don't worry about it. .hat is not even closed and mexico is going to pay for the wall, and they understand. they understand. [cheers and applause] -- listen toost
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this because it is impossible. i have been saying for two weeks, i just got this, i have been saying that is a typo. that is some kind of an error. it cannot be possible. america has lost 70,000 factories. i thought they meant 700. there must be a mistake here. maybe 700. america has lost 70,000 factories because of politicians that don't know what they are doing or they are controlled by special interests. since china entered the world trade organization, another bill and hillary disaster. we are living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. this is what is happening to our country. we are being treated like we are stupid people. we have leaders who do not know what they are doing. they do not have a clue. it is the single greatest jobs theft in the history of
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the world. off 400 technology laid workers right here. workersl laid off 974 making printed circuit boards. their jobs when to china. this is a federal problem. scott and these people in similar places, it is very hard. we do not fight. meaning, you make your product, you want to come back, it is not going to be easy. you will pay a fat tax on that on the way and. [cheers and applause] ttm technology laid off 166 workers. most of them went to mexico and other places. a lot of jobs going to china.
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a lot of jobs going to japan. a lot of jobs going to south korea. an unbelievable number of jobs and plants and factories and everything else going to mexico. a donald trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving america, and we will stop the jobs from leaving wisconsin. we will work with your governor who is a great governor. we will stop it. we are going to stop it. [cheers and applause] the theft, and that is what it is, of american prosperity will come to a very rapid end. from now on it is going to be america first. [cheers and applause] "usa"}ng
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a donald trump administration will reignite she gave -- renegotiate nafta. we will stand up to currency medication and all of the unfair subsidy figure that is going on, that makes it impossible, impossible for our businesses to compete. they will be competing very soon. we will also immediately stop the job killing transpacific partnership. that will be a disaster. [cheers and applause] as part of our plan to bring back jobs, we are going to lower taxes on american businesses from 35% to 15%. we are the highest taxed nation in the world. we will become a rich nation again. -- be a richation
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nation, we must also be a safe nation. in chicago, 3664 people have been shot since january 1 of this year. can you believe that? that is worse than the places you read about and see in the middle east. these are war zones. we have places that are more dangerous. in milwaukee, homicides have risen to their highs level in more than 20 years. nationwide, murders have experienced their largest single increase in 45 years. you do not hear that from the dishonest media. [boos] better not tell you that. they want to protect certain people like hillary. it is getting hard to protect her, fellas. it is getting very hard to protect her. very hard to protect her. she is out of control.
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a trumpet ministration will work with federal and local law enforcement to end this crime wave. every child in america has the right to grow up in safety and peace. [cheers and applause] we will also keep you safe from terrorism. 550%ry clinton wants a increase in syrian refugees flowing into our country. [boos] who can't even believe it? her plan would mean generations of terrorism and extremism spreading into your schools and throughout america. when i am elected president, we will suspend the syrian refugee problem. [cheers and applause] keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our
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country. [cheers and applause] a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. you know, we as are not playing games. yes, we will tell the wall. -- build the wall. [cheers and applause] thenting "build mr. trump: the fact that it is 110 degrees in this room, i don't care. think of that as a sauna. this room was not designed for this many people.
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we get this for nothing. we have received the first ever endorsement from ice and border patrol officers. 16,500 great, amazing people. they tell us the border crisis is the worst it has ever been. it is a national emergency. it is the worst it has ever been. stats. to get some you cannot get any stats. about as bad as it gets. hillary has pledged open borders. there goes your country. it would mean the destruction of the united states in a true sense. is the mostan radical immigration proposal in united states history
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and would lead to the loss of house and's and thousands of lives. as secretary of state hillary clinton allowed thousands of the most dangerous and violent criminal aliens to go free because their home country would not take them back. they don't want to take back murderers, druglords, gang members. they say no. let me just tell you something, they would bring them to their country, and their country would say no. bring them back to the united states. let me tell you, that will not happen whether it is for years or eight years. that will not happen once if i am president. not once.
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one criminal was set free on hillary's watch and went on to kill a young american girl named casey chadwick. the killer who had already been convicted for shooting a girl in the head previously, who people were begging to incarcerate or send out of our country should have been sent home. instead he was set free. he stuffed her body in a closet. people were begging that he be sent out. we are going to make america safe again. believe me. many.s one of that is one of many. so many different stories. hillary strongly supports sanctuary cities like in san incrediblehere the
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young woman was killed and her timer's arms by a five deported illegal immigrants. a trump administration will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. all criminal aliens, stop the drugs from bring into our communities and we will end this nightmare of violence like we have never seen before. appeal the obama clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. we have no choice. for includes great support .or mccoy -- fort mccoy i am honored to have the endorsement of more than 200 top
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22irals and generals, and medal of honor recipients. it's a great group. is law enforcement, the military, the veterans. we are going to take care of our veterans folks. our new foreign policy will america first. hillary brought disaster to iraq. to iraq, syria, libya. she empowered iran. unleashed isis by the way her and president obama, the campaigner, he ought to focus instead on campaigning for hillary clinton, where he probably has a conflict in , focus ong for her getting rid of isis, focus on
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lots of other things. hillary wants to start a shooting war in syria. a conflict that could for all we know trigger world war iii. for what? hillary and her failed establishment have spent $6 trillion on wars in the middle east that never and and we never win. now, the middle east is in worse shape than ever before. we could have built our country twice. we could have rebuilt the united states with $6 trillion. they have dragged us into foreign wars that have made us less safe. they have left our borders wide open and they have shipped our jobs as well to other countries.
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say it is nowns i time for new leadership for change. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days. the biggest to have tax cut since ronald reagan. raise yourgoing to taxes substantially. remember. we are going to eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation. we will counsel every illegal obama executive order. there are plenty of them.
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there are plenty of them. we will rebuild our military and we will take care of our great, great veterans. they have been treated terribly. treatedrans have been terribly. "trump'] we going to provide school choice and put an end to common core. we are bringing our education local. we will support the great men and women of law enforcement.
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the national rifle association, they endorsed me. the earliest endorsement a given to anyone running for president. our secondg to save amendment which is totally under siege. and appoint justices to the united states supreme court who the uphold and defend constitution of the united states. hillary wants us to think small. wants us to believe things can't change. aroundr lives to revolve washington dc.
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i am asking you to dream big, to push for bold change. i am tired of politicians deferring their dreams to another day. when they really mean another decade. america is tired of waiting. the moment is now. there has never been a movement like this in our country's history.
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we have to take advantage of it november 8. stope have to do is believing in our failed politicians and start believing in each other and in our country. [cheers] mr. trump: there is no challenge to great and no dream outside of our reach. there is not. there is no dream outside of our reach. don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. not the cynics and not the critics. hillary clinton has been there for 30 years. she has accomplished nothing. worse. just made things
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she is the candidate of yesterday. of thethe movement future. we are. we are. our movement represents all americans from all backgrounds, and all walks of life. we are asking for the votes of andblicans, independents, first-time voters of which there are many. we are asking for the vote of every american who believes truth and justice, not money and power should rule the day for our country. i have been on the other side. i understand the other side. perhaps better than anybody else. i love our country and i saw what was happening to our country, and i made the right decision. boy did i become an outsider
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quitclaim. -- quickly. we are fighting for every citizen who believes government should serve the people. we are fighting to unlock the tremendous potential of every american community and every american family who hope and pray and yearn for a better future. and it will happen. with your vote we are just -- listen to this, one week. do you believe it? started june 16.
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[crowd chanting] mr. trump: thank you everybody. i will not disappoint you. that i promise. that i promise. this great movement started june 16 of last year. now we are one week away from the change you have been waiting for your entire life. don't worry about me. we have to do it. we really have to do it. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. again. make america safe america great again. god bless you. thank you.
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thank you. ♪ ♪ i saw her today at the
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reception a glass of wine in her hand i knew she would meet her connection ♪ >> donald trump's rally wrapping up a short time ago. we are interested in hearing and thoseided voters of you supporting third-party candidates. that is how we have broken up our phone lines. voter,are an undecided if you are voting for a third-party candidate. that would include your plans if you have them to write in a
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vote. you can send us in tweets on whoever you are voting for. we will cover donald trump again tomorrow campaigning. our coverage is coming up. we will have the orlando rally and be in florida shortly. hillary clinton has been spending the day there. spending thema is week, today through friday campaigning for hillary clinton. we will have the rally in chapel hill at 2:00 eastern. articlesuple of looking at the state of the race. let's focus on wisconsin. is not one of us but he is still having --
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donald trump got the big october surprise, the momentum is going his way. hillary clinton is on the defensive. the party's nominee faces a barrier that will be difficult to clear. .t is a moral choice i can't get there, i can't get to trump. part of what people are saying in wisconsin. hillary clinton, the campaign announcing not only in florida this week but in michigan, ending up the week she is campaigning in detroit according to news reports. waiting for hillary clinton this evening we go to our undecided line. good evening. caller: i like donald trump. -- medicaid, social
8:48 pm
security. those are the things we need to focus on. host: you don't think he is focused on those? caller: he doesn't seem like in his speeches. he makes himself look better. he wants the united states better. that is what i keep on hearing. i understand from build a wall. that's all i am hearing him him. host: you want to hear more specific plans? caller: yes. let's hear about the supreme court, social security, food stamps. i'm a single mom. girls.sing twin host: how old are they? caller: they are 14 years old. host: what is the biggest
8:49 pm
challenge in terms of the economic for raising for those girls? caller: it's a challenge, there's not enough money. $120.e on that is after bills and rent and car insurance. host: i appreciate your call. let's find out what mike is thinking. who are you going to vote for? caller: i have not decided yet. do you think that will be donald trump, hillary clinton or a third-party candidate? caller: if i had my choice right now, probably donald trump. want ang is, i just couple of questions answered. know, ife, i want to
8:50 pm
there is a law and it is in black and white, how come people can get away with it? isn't it a law that she cannot have a private server and information on it? how many laws are there in the united states, in each state, and compare it to the constitution. and the amendments, does anybody know how many laws there are? host: we are waiting to hear from hillary clinton, campaigning in fort lauderdale. we're asking to hear from you. those of you who plan to vote for a third-party candidate. hillary clinton is coming up shortly.
8:51 pm
caller: i just have a comments to make. host: go ahead. caller: i am almost 63 years old. my husband passed away in 1992. i was a police officer in the late 1970's and early 1980's. the situation with the hispanics and the illegals i doubt with when i was a police officer. it was the same situation back then as it is now when we took them to jail, for a crime, they got slapped on the hands and had a free trip back to mexico and they were right back up here. , in my husband passed away would not start receiving social security for the kids. i had three kids at home.
8:52 pm
i worked at a hospital at the $7.75 ani was making hour back then. to get food stamps. securitymy social started kicking in. i had a house payment, insurance, utilities, food, gas. to take care of three kids. all i wanted was food stamps for three months to help out. i went in there and they told me because i had a job i was not allowed. was not allowed to get food stamps. but i'm sorry i saw hispanics in their and they had the coupon books. they were walking out with stacks of coupons. host: it sounds like immigration
8:53 pm
is a key issue for you. what are you hearing from the candidates. who do you like? caller: i believe that we need to have border security. we need to have something done. i am voting for donald trump. i'm sorry, we need to get this country cleaned up. host: we are trying to hear from folks who have not decided. those of you who have decided to vote for a third-party candidate. donna is next up. undecided. president obama will be in north atlanta tomorrow. good evening, go ahead. caller: hello. i wanted to say a few things. i have been waffling. so it the past month or thateen obvious to me
8:54 pm
there has been so many rules broken by hillary clinton, so many laws broken. i can't trust her for anything. i do believe in the previous caller. she had a problem with the immigration. we need to get our home country in order before we open it up to others. host: how recently did you come to this decision? caller: probably -- i have been waffling. i am a republican but some of the things donald trump does say makes me cringe. but he means what he says. there is nothing to hide there. as far as hillary clinton there is too much that we do not know about her. .he has hidden and broken laws that to me is murder. i am sorry. waiting to we are
8:55 pm
hear from hillary clinton here on c-span, taking your calls and comments as we wait to hear hillary in fort lauderdale. hill, political , the freedom caucus is planning a meeting. they have sent mixed signals about whether it will oppose all ryan for another term as speaker. the speaker has been spending millions of dollars and lots of time. he will have campaigned for 75 house and senate. >> as he campaigns to keep the republican majority, joining us
8:56 pm
thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me on. >> what has paul ryan's message been this month? >> the message has been no matter what the focus is going to be in terms of the top of the ticket, he's trying to convince voters that they need a republican majority. you see him holding up his pamphlet. he basically is talking about what he wants house republicans to be able to pass if they maintain majority. he is not talking about the top of the ticket unless he is criticizing hillary clinton. we have this agenda. we hope to be able to pass it through the house. you need to send us back with
8:57 pm
some house majority. when he congressional majorities to pass this agenda. >> has he faced political headwinds from the trump campaign or are republicans in the final week coming home to donald trump and to house republicans running for election or reelection? >> there is no doubt he and others have faced some serious headwinds. democrats are hopeful there are signs his poll numbers are falling out and this could cause ballot. down the there is the question of whether certain republicans who have walked away from donald trump or been wishy-washy on whether or not they support him will face some backlash from trump supporters who are focused on the rest of the party hasn't been behind him fully.
8:58 pm
we see donald trump saying some negative things. ryan has not pushed back. .e is not talking about trump there are some definite headwinds for republicans in terms of whether or not they can convince moderates and whether or not they can bring those republicans home to candidates who might not have been full throated in their support. the one october surprise, the fbi taking a look at new hillary clinton e-mails. national polls right now indicate it may not have a significant impact on her race. my question is that it could have an impact on house races. >> it is an interesting thing. most people agree with that. they think that in terms of how voters think about hillary clinton, the cake is baked. either have a real problem with
8:59 pm
the handling of e-mails or you don't think it is a big deal. you are not to be swayed based on the most recent revelations. question.nteresting you talk to some democrats and they think it could energize some supporters who might have thought this race was a done deal. maybe they are not totally motivated to go to the polls. now they could see the race tightening or it could re-energize feelings that hillary clinton has been treated unfairly. republicans dismiss that. they think it is a spin. republicans think it could help them in the sense that some republican voters who are turned off i donald trump, they don't like hillary clinton either. they could be energized gorenberg this republican
9:00 pm
argument. it is argument a lot of republicans have been making that they need the republican congress to check hillary clinton's administration. conversationng the investigating those e-mails, some voters who may not have wanted to go to the polls because of their feelings about donald trump will change their minds and go to the polls because they want republicans in place. that is the argument they are making. it is difficult to predict. we do not know which way it is going to fall. host: one week before the november 8 election, what will it take for democrats to recapture control of the house as you look at the polling on your website at real clear
9:01 pm
odds the democrats taking over or the republicans keeping the majority? i still think the odds are democrats taking over a pretty low. a lot of things have to fall in place in the right way. needs toratic base turn out in high numbers, basically the same numbers for the president obama win in 2008, or better, they need republican turnout to be depressed in some swing districts. need donald trump's poll numbers -- the bottom to fallout. they need a big hillary clinton when pushing high single-digit. right now, you look at the generic ballot in terms of congressional races, and our average has it at about 3.7%. i don't think that is big enough for democrats to take back the house. most analysts think maybe 15 to
9:02 pm
20 seats could be a high mark for them, which is a good night for democrats, but it would leave them about 10 seats short of the 30 they need to flip the house. we are looking at democratic gains, potentially large, but unless a lot of things fall into place in the perfect confluence of events, we're still looking at democrats falling short and republicans holding onto the majority. host: has speaker ryan been effective on the campaign trail? guest: i think he absolutely has. as his party's vice presidential nominee four years ago, the speaker of the house now, he has got near universal name recognition. they are able to cut ads with him having his support, he is popular among republicans. the other thing he does is bring money to the table. he is going to do an event with barbara comstock in northern virginia that is a very competitive race in the next week or so. the last time he was there, he
9:03 pm
brought in $400,000 in one event, so he is a huge fundraiser. he has given tens of millions to the nrc see -- to the nrcc. he has been effective for down how it -- for down ballot republicans. host: james arkin, who follows the house. thanks for being with us. >> paul ryan voted today in his home state of wisconsin. he has been spending a lot of time on the road for other members of congress, tweeting today about some of the achievements of his republican colleagues in the house, saying that they passed under this congress confidence of reform of education, rewriting of customs laws, and a long-term highway bill. here on c-span, we are waiting to take you live to fort lauderdale, hillary clinton at a rally there. we will go there once again is underway.
9:04 pm
is the number for undecided voters. for those of you planning to vote for a third-party candidate, the number is 202-748-8920. we also welcome your tweets @c-span. rump2, sayingdadt the dishonest media is afraid of their gravy train to end. trump will drain the swamp. from springfield, massachusetts, edward. go ahead. caller: i'm sitting here listening to everything people are talking about. i have been wanting my chance to talk about donald trump. i think the guy is a bottom feeder. he -- i have done so much fact checking on him and watching them at his rallies and watching what he says.
9:05 pm
i mean, look at him now -- the fbi is his best friend. a few days ago, he hated them. absolutely nothing he says is right. he lies but everything. i don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. i can't even believe he made it this far. i can't believe that the people woah,ere have not said, wait a minute with this guy. host: who are you planning to vote for? caller: i think i'm going to vote for hillary. she has got some issues, and i understand that. the fbi has been checking her out and the e-mails, and they have not really found a whole lot wrong with them. host: once again, we are looking for those of you in particular for third-party candidate voters and undecided.
9:06 pm
georgetown, texas, next up. who are you planning on voting for? caller: i wish i could tell you the truth who am i going to vote for, because i am really undecided. i have been looking at this since april, going back and forth, kind of figure out who the heck represents me, my family, my vote, my conscience. i'm having a hard time. i have looked at gary johnson, eric mcmullen. i have tried to find someone to resonate with you i am, and i am am, and ie with who i like middle america caught in the middle. host: would you feel comfortable going into the voting booth and not selecting someone? caller: i started out years ago as a democrat, and i voted for jimmy carter and bill clinton. i was very disappointed, i will be honest. i voted a republican ticket and an independent ticket.
9:07 pm
nowel absolutely lost right , not knowing who in the world -- i feel like my vote is valuable. i don't want to throw away my vote. so many people say, you are just throwing it away. i cannot get behind these candidates. host: when you think of the presidential candidates you voted for over the years, you mentioned a few. what do you think your best boat was? what was the presidential vote you say, i'm glad i voted for? caller: i can honestly tell you the person i wished i had voted for was ronald reagan. host: you had two chances, you did not vote for him either time? caller: no, sir. i look back on that with a great deal of regret, because i think the man put the country's needs ahead of everything, and he was a true statesman. he really cared about the will of the people and doing what is best for this country.
9:08 pm
i think he was able to unite this country better than many politicians i have seen. host: that is deborah in georgetown, texas trying to figure out who to vote for. we go to dallas, texas to hear from raymond. caller: i love your show. i will make a quick. i was going to vote for johnson, but -- i have been 17 years in the military. i have been in combat three times. and after listening to all this, i have realized we need ronald reagan, and neither of these candidates are ronald reagan. they make a show of our democracy. the fbi, who should be neutral, at the last moment throws the republican party a bone. both parties are crooked. even if one is less than the other, they are wrong. i'm voting for who is going to
9:09 pm
save the life of military personnel. donald trump has never served in the military. he was a draft dodger, like a lot of these loudmouth republicans. they talk about making money, but my brothers and sisters in the military are dying overseas. we need someone who is going to and know -- becalm how to get the job done. george bush caused the deaths of 40,000 soldiers during -- soldiers. i could go on and on. these people are ridiculous. this draft dodger trump owes $900 million in taxes. he needed to serve his country the most when he needed to go to vietnam. a lot of these loudmouths, they did not do their duty. host: what candidate does that leave you with? caller: for johnson. neutral.hould remain they did this deliberately to
9:10 pm
give him a bone. that is so unconstitutional. i have lived in every country from korea to germany, and they're laughing at this country. guest: --host: appreciate your income. let's go to john from wisconsin. caller: i truly am undecided. i think i was probably a soft hillary supporter until this e-mail story broke, and then as i looked at it i thought, here we go again. we are going to have more and more of this, years and years of this inquiry. it really threw me into the undecided category. i was leaning toward hillary, but after this broke, i was like, i don't know if i can stand four more years of this. you put me in undecided category. i am not necessarily for trump. i don't know if i can go for hillary.
9:11 pm
it has put me in the undecided category. host: have you feel about going in the voting booth and going, i'm not voting for anybody? i'm leaving that selection blank this time around. caller: i feel badly about that. i think i need to vote for president. i don't want to not vote for president, and i don't want to vote third party because i will feel like i'm throwing my vote away. in the end, i want to vote for one of the major party hopingtes, but -- i am that between now and week from today, that something will happen where i will be able to discern which candidate i will be able to vote for. i'm waiting for that decision point that will make that clear for me. host: i hope it is not too many sleepless nights there. we will hear from baltimore next, third-party supporter. evelyn, good evening. about whatm thinking
9:12 pm
is happening, like you said, with the parties talking about elections and immigrants in all. i heard the same racist talk when they were talking about the blacks. i believe back then what happened was, they had the backlash. they had rolled over goldwater big-time, and johnson won in a landslide. a democrat, right? you hear donald trump now talking the same racist stuff. the same racist stuff. host: does that leave you supporting hillary clinton? caller: yes. my going to vote for a racist, i don't think so. host: we appreciate all your calls and comments.
9:13 pm
you are waiting to hear from hillary clinton. she is headed to fort lauderdale. she had a couple of other fort lauderdale rallies today -- florida rallies, i should say. we will have live coverage of hillary clinton in fort lauderdale once a get underway. in the meantime, a look at the latest news and the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail. >> tall bother joins us, a former federal prosecutor specializing in public corruption at the department of justice, now law professor at georgetown university. he joins us as we continue our look at the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. in your time at the justice department, did you ever come across a case comparable to this one? guest: there has never been a case like this. we had a saying, put up or shut up. put up means either prosecute the case or be quiet.
9:14 pm
you don't talk about ongoing investigations. it is not fair to the person being investigated, because if you put this out there about how someone is being investigated and she is not charged, that person has a suspicion cast upon her, but she never has the chance to defend herself in a court of law. there is a strong ethic at the justice department that you just did not talk about ongoing cases. when we see james comey being very forthcoming about different stages of this process, it is unprecedented. can you give us some understanding of how the justice department works with the fbi and what the relationship is right now? in high profile public corruption cases, attorneys from the justice department -- i was in the public integrity section, which prosecutes public corruption -- the attorneys
9:15 pm
supervise fbi agents supervise is a loaded word. the fbi is the world's best law enforcement agency, and its agents are extremely well-trained. most of them have graduate degrees in law or forensics. they are very capable of doing their jobs. but the fact is, attorneys know the law better than the agents often. so by supervise, i mean the fbi agents typically work very closely with justice department attorneys to make sure that everything is being done according to protocol. what about the relationship between loretta lynch and james comey here and what we know about the conversations between the two before this letter with the congress last friday? guest: technically, the attorney general is the boss of the fbi director. independentctor is in the sense that he is appointed by the president and he has a 10 year term.
9:16 pm
the purpose of that is to insulate the director from politics, make sure he can do his job and not have to worry about whether he is pleasing a specific attorney general or a specific president. there have been issues before between attorney general lynch and director james comey. for example, attorney general lynch says she does not believe there is the ferguson affect, the idea that because of protests and videos of police officers, that is somehow hampering them from doing their jobs. some people think as is an expert nation for my crime has gone up in just a new cities. attorney general lynch says she does not agree with our principle, it is not been proven . the principal says the same thing. director comey says there may be something to that. he has been willing to be independent, to go against both the attorney general and the president. on this is you, which is
9:17 pm
something -- on this issue, which is not just about independence by the fbi director, this is about the important overhaul of the justice department. two months before an election, you don't do anything that might be viewed as an intervention in that election. when i was at the justice department, that was just fundamental. the idea that the justice department or the fbi could have an impact on election was antithetical to everything we were working so hard to do, which was to make sure the fbi and the justice department presides over a country of equal justice under the law, where government agencies are not seen as being partisan or trying to steer democracy towards one candidate or another. john: what if james comey had come out on november 9 and e-mailsbout 650,000 new
9:18 pm
being discovered, and that we are going to start looking through those? wouldn't there be some criticism of him not putting that information out before the election? not giving the american public the latest on where this is, so they can be as informed as possible before they go to the polls? guest: if comey had announced this new stage of the investigation after the election, of course you would have been criticized. but what he would have said is, i was just following the long-standing policy of the justice department. my hands were tied. i had to do that. when you look at the response, it is not just democrats or people who are in favor of clinton winning the election. there is a lot of former prosecutors like me, democrats, republicans, some people even supporting donald trump, who said the problem is not just that comey is being perceived as favoring one candidate over another, the problem is this undermines the very integrity of the justice department and the
9:19 pm
fbi. again, this just is not done. we still have not heard a compelling reason why he did it. , ife is no policy that says there is a different stage in the investigation, you are supposed to make announcement or send a note to congress. just the obvious -- just the opposite. i have never seen an investigation this transparent by the fbi. that is because it is not fair to the people being investigated. john: former attorney general eric holder with a column on "the washington post those quote website on sunday night. it is printed in today's "washington post" echoing some of the concerns you talked about. phone numbers for our viewers if they want to join us in this conversation with paul butler. 2-748-8000.20 andblicans,, 8001
9:20 pm
independence, 8002. can you give us an estimate of the manpower involved in this case? guest: first we need to talk about computer power. there are 650,000 e-mails that are subject to being looked at, so that does not need humanize. what the bureau will do first will be to put the e-mails in a program that will try to discern the ones that are relevant. i relevant, that means the ones that are not duplicate of things that party scene. that areevant, ones not duplicate of things they have already seen. and by searching for keywords. hillary clinton was being investigated by allegedly searching for -- by allegedly handling classified information. they will try to discern which e-mails might have to do with classified information. that actually does not take long
9:21 pm
time. the next step is the most labor-intensive. of these e-mails that have been flagged, and there will have to be a determination about whether they contain confidential material. -- thing is, the fbi agents they are not qualified to make that determination, seduce e-mails will have to be sent back to the agency, most likely the state department -- not qualified to make that determination, so those e-mails will have to be sent back to the state department to determine what the status was at the time the e-mail was sent and now. we don't know. there have been so many weeks, i , isurprised -- so many leaks am surprised we don't know exactly how many agents are working on it. john: paul butler is a former prosecutor in the justice department's public integrity section. a professor of law at georgetown university. first call is from eric, democrat. caller: i'm glad you have this
9:22 pm
guest on. thanks for being there. troubling to very the public, myself included, about these classified e-mails. on c-span, i watched the hearings with director connie very carefully. i kind of think he was bullied, and he got onto the idea of the next nation of what is a classified document and what is not. the part of it that was most interesting to me was that a classified document has to have at the very top a heading and the title -- who it is from, where it is going, and so on. comeyt basis, hillary and talked about not sending anything with a label, and so forth, and then they got into a little c down somewhere in the body. if you could talk about the definition actually of what is and is not classified, i think it would be tremendously
9:23 pm
helpful. we just seem to be going off to the races assuming what is and what is not, whether it is a or whether it is open to interpretation. again, those hearings -- when comey was explaining, i think he got cut off a lot of times by the republicans on that congressional committee. john: if our viewers have not seen those hearings, they can go to and check them out. guest: i watched all eight to 10 hours of those hearings as they were being broadcast live. as a former prosecutor for the justice department, it was just hard to believe that the fbi director was being grilled by congress about an ongoing investigation. one of the things that has come out recently is that the investigation of hillary clinton was never closed, so when people say it is being reopened, that is not exactly right. there has apparently been a
9:24 pm
determination not to prosecutor. what the director was expanding to congress at this hearing was how he had made that determination. again, because that is something that typically you just don't -- you make announcement, the justice department has reviewed the allegations, and we decline to bring charges. that is the most you ever said. to see someone having to answer questions for 10 or 12 hours, it is not surprising that some of his statements seem confusing or seem like he was being railroaded by different congress persons with an ax to grind one way or another. again, that is one reason why the prosecutors simply don't do those kinds of press conferences. the caller was asking, how do you know what classified means? that is an important question and it turns out, not an easy question to ask. there is different degrees of
9:25 pm
,lassifications -- top secret for only specific people to see, even if people have specific types of classifications, there are other e-mails that only the secretary or people who directly report to her conceit. one of the concerns -- or people who directly report to her can see. law enforcement agents do not know about that stuff, so they have to rely on other people to make those judgments. if there is a sense that some of these documents are going to be made public, there also needs to be a reassessment. now that we know these documents will be released to the world, do we need to reconsider classification, do we need to confirm that the classification was made? secretary was being investigated for willfully mishandling classified information. of course, it is important to know, not just for the bureau but for everyone, understand what kind of e-mails were on her private server.
9:26 pm
were there any risks to the public? we should note that at the time the secretary maintained this private e-mail, that was not against the law in the sense that it was a crime. the stateinst department policy, apparently, but it was not a crime. -- allegedl activity criminal activity -- that was being investigated was whether she willfully mishandled classified information. on that point, the director said back in july, no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case. john: a republican, cliff. caller: let's be serious. -- she made that server to hide her criminal activity with the clinton foundation. mishandled sensitive material. others who have done far less of gone to prison.
9:27 pm
this state department -- or the justice department is stonewalling an investigation into the clinton foundation, and that -- so that left only avenue to go after this as the mishandled documents. you said no reasonable probably, because they are all under the some of the justice department. the fbi chief that was investigating the clinton foundation came to them with the information they had found on laptop, but i expect they also brought all the -- it is notedty in the wikileaks dump, you can see what she has been doing. he stood up and said, i can't have a criminal as the president. this has to be vetted to the public. john: i will give you a chance to respond. especially on the point is that
9:28 pm
he said others have done far less and gone to prison. it has been brought up by viewers before. guest: i'm not sure we can point to cases were that has been true. mishandleenough to classified information, you have to willfully do that. you have to do it in a way that -- or example, general betray us was conflicted -- for example, aeus was convicted for not only knowing the information was classified, but sending it to people he knew should not have received it. there are no allegations of that at secretary clinton. to this point of the fbi director being influenced by politics -- if that is true, it is hard to know what his politics are. that in july, the trump folks were saying he was trying to bend over backwards to get hillary elected, and now we have folks saying the opposite, that he is trying to help donald trump. john: this is a question from aaron on twitter. do fbirmer prosecutor,
9:29 pm
agents and federal attorneys ever feel like they are being used by congress as -- on clinical witchhunts? -- on political witchhunts? how they respond to that? guest: a lot of times, some of my friends would say, if you are investigating were prosecuting politicians, that has got to be political work. you are working for an attorney general appointed by the president, who is either a democrat or republican. that has got to make a difference, right? and the answer was, no, it did not. it sounds a little naive, but i can honestly say that during the time i was at the department, we did not care whether the folks we were investigating were democrat or republican. in part because that was unethical, but in part because you have to get a conviction if you are prosecuting someone. according to justice department guidelines, you do not bring a case unless you think you can persuade a jury beyond a
9:30 pm
reasonable doubt. for elected officials, that is really difficult. what that means is, you know that is that they are guilty. it has got to be about whether you can prove that person has broken the law. enough about clinton back in july. it is not like they were saying she thought she had acted properly. he said just the opposite. thought thatple was inappropriate by clinton. again, if you don't prosecute someone you are not supposed to cast aspersions on their character. you're supposed to say, the department declined to bring charges. you can save a lot of things about director, need but it is difficult to say his


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